Winka Dubbeldam

Winka Dubbeldam is the founder and partner of the WBE certified New York firm Archi-Tectonics. Dubbeldam is widely known for her award-winning work, recognized as much for its design excellence as for its use of smart building systems, sustainable materials, and innovative structures. Archi-Tectonics’ work is found in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Archi-Tectonics recently won the Asian Games 2022 Design Competition in Hangzhou China [2018], that is under construction to open in 2022. Winka Dubbeldam is also the Chair and Miller Professor of Architecture at the Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania , where she has gathered an international network of innovative research and design professionals. She also previously taught at the graduate architecture programs at Columbia, Cornel, and Harvard University, among other prestigious institutions. Currently Dubbeldam is the External Examiner of the Bartlett London and was named one of the DesignIntelligence 30 Most Admired Educators 2015. Publications include the three monographs Winka Dubbeldam, Architect (010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 1996), AT-INdex (Princeton Press, NYC, 2006), and Archi-Tectonics (DAAB publishers, 2010); a new book “Strange Objects” is planned for 2020 with Actar, Spain. The work was also published in numerous international architecture and design periodicals.

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