Graça Correia
Architecture graduate in Oporto’s Architecture Faculty in 1989. Cooperation with architect Eduardo Souto de Moura between 1989 and 1995, with whom occasionally realizes co-authored projects. FCT scholarship, discussed her doctorate thesis at the Catalonia Polytechnic University. She is an invited auxiliary professor at FAUP and an auxiliary professor in FCATI and ULP too where she integrates the Board, has lectures and critical reviews in different universities. She was an active member of the Architects Association between 2005 and 2014, was designated as the Vice President of CNDOASRN 2008/10 and she joined the Regional Governing Board.Founded, in 2005 with Roberto Ragazzi, CORREIA/RAGAZZI Arquitectos, received several awards, namely, in 2007, the 1st place of the III ENOR Portugal Prize and the Miami Beach Biennial Gold Medal, and, in 2008, they were recognised with the “Europe 40 Under 40“ distinction, in New York. In St. Francis they received the SPARKAWARD 2011 Silver Medal. Their works have been published, exhibited and awarded in Portugal and internationally, and appear regularly on the list of Selected Projects of the FAD Awards, namely with the Apartment in Braga in 2014 and the House in Castelo Melhor in 2015. The House Ricardo Pinto was also selected for the IX Bienal of Architecture and Urbanism 2014 in Rosario and they recently received the “16 Best Architects Award".She also received, with the works carried out in co-authorship with Eduardo Souto Moura, the PYMECON rehabilitation Prize in 2013 and integrated the EUROPA NOSTRA 2012 selection of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage, as well as the list of the FAD Awards Finalists with Reconversion of Robinson Foundation in 2013 and the Auditorium Audiovisual (co-authorship with Eduardo Souto Moura) which is a finalist in the second edition of the BigMat International Architecture Award.