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Raamwerk is a young design collective founded by Gijs De Cock, Freek Dendooven and Jon D’haenens. It is the ambition to realize contemporary architecture that treat specific questions and is anchored in a long building tradition. Since its establishment, Raamwerk works on a portfolio of diverse projects in various sizes. The purpose is to create a buildable architecture that is characterized by critical social, programmatic and economic research. As designers, we try to integrate the history and tradition of architecture in a personal story without historicizing. In this way, a sustainable architecture can emerge that transcends banality without being loud. Building for us, is to create a framework for the everyday life. Daylight, materials and proportions are the only aspects that we can use as architects. By correctly apply these aspects, we try to generate qualitative space. A powerful design starts from a simple gesture. Architecture can in some way transcend the purely physical aspects of the building and be a social instrument. The design process emerges from a strong dialogue with the client. This commitment we believe, is essential for the success of a project. The construction process is a balancing act that can only be done in close consultation and collaboration with future users. Architecture is a generalist discipline. As designers we have a basic knowledge in various disciplines in order to maintain an overall vision for the project.

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