The Ticket includes a weeklong workshop studio and15 lectures.
It also includes seven lunches, one dinner and a goodbye party.
Each participant will also get a tote bag and sketch book.
In the end a Diploma will certificate each participation.
The ticket does not include travel expenses, accommodation, printing, and workshop material.
300€ Till end of October
350€ From 1st of November till end of December
400€ From 1st of January till end of February
450€ From 1st March till end of April
500€ During May
550€ During June
600€ During July 
Applications to Porto Academy can be sent via e-mail to Porto Academy:
It is not possible to pay just to attend the lectures or just the studios. Only participants that have ticket for Porto Academy are allowed to attend both lectures and studios.
The Payment of the fee is a condition for admission to Porto Academy.

For online Payment with PayPal please use the address:
Please specify the cause of the payment by writing the participant’s name and ’PortoAcademy (ex. "JoanCrawford-PortoAcademy).

For Bank Transfer Payment: Please specify the cause of the payment by writing the participant’s name and ’PortoAcademy" on the bank transfer statement (ex. "JoanCrawford-PortoAcademy) and send the proof of payment to Please note that all bank charges are of your responsibility along with any other charges related.

Bank Details:

BANK: Millennium BCP
NAME: Target Parallel
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 45418723609 05

If you wish to have your VAT number on the invoice, please add this information to your details and send it with your registration form.

The ticket holder expressly declares that has read, understood and accepted, fully and without reservation, these Terms and Conditions and that is fully aware of the rights and obligations arising from them.
If a participant wishes to cancel registration, a request in written form must be sent via e-mail and submitted to
If the written request is received more than 90 days prior to Porto Academy start date the participant will be entitled to a full refund minus 300€ of administrative fee.
If the written request is received within 90 days to Porto Academy start date participants will not be entitled to a refund.
Please note that all bank charges are of your responsibility along with any other charges related.


Porto Academy is the result of an enormous passion for architecture as a discipline. We admire the figures that dream about it, who build, study and promote it. We believe that practice - as an exercise of the architect’s profession - is central to the future of the discipline, and therefore one of the reasons why we’ve founded Porto Academy. For a week period, one lives the passion for the discipline of architecture and enjoys intellectual freedom.
The building of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto from Álvaro Siza - whom we admire - is an enhancer of this freedom we seek for. Not just for its exceptional condition where it is placed, but also for the spatial qualities it offers.
Porto Academy promotes an exhaustive program lived with an enormous intensity. It is an experience that involves conferences, visits and classes, in addition to the experience of living in a new city and getting to know people from heterogeneous contexts, with whom one will almost certainly generate productive discussions and build new friendships. Here we seek to dilute borders and bringing people together.
Porto Academy doesn’t pretend to be an institution. To us Porto Academy is a compliment to the school. Test

More information Soon

Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto Via Panorâmica S/N, 4150-755 Porto, Portugal


Porto Academy will happen from the 20th to the 27th of July.

Who can take part?

Porto Academy is open to students as well as professionals worldwide.


The tuition language will be English.

Visa requirements

Each participant who requires a visa for Portugal is responsible for obtaining this visa in good time.


Participants should bring their own lap-top computers. WLAN is freely available. Please ensure that all your own equipment is covered by your insurance.


Porto Academy and FAUP disclaim any liability for any damage to persons or property that may occur during the event. The participants are responsible for arranging their own insurance, including health insurance, travel, accidents, burglary, third party, liability, etc. More information about Soma and other muscle relaxers you can find here

Porto Academy will not be liable for any losses (included, but not limited to: travel and accommodation costs) arising as a consequence of any modification or cancellation of studio and lectures time-tabling constraints as set out above beyond the cost of the summer school.
Porto Academy reserves the right, at any time, to update and introduce changes and additions to the rules set out in the General Regulation and Terms and Conditions, without prior communication, so the ticket holder must, periodically, to stay informed, consult and review it on the official website, which will always contain the updated version and cannot claim to be unaware of any changes and additions made.
Porto Academy is authorized to use any pictures or videos that will be taken by Porto Academy authorized staff during the course for educational purposes and to promote Porto Academy.
Porto Academy reserves the right to amend or cancel a guest (studio or lecture) or change studio and lecture location and dates.
Porto Academy reserves the right to make any changes that in Porto Academy absolute discretion are considered necessary or appropriate for reasons of operational efficiency or due to any other circumstances that are beyond our control.
Each studio is composed of a Workshop Leader, an Assistant, one Porto Academy’s collaborator and around 20 students.
The Workshop Leader is responsible for defining the workshop theme, its aims and its process. The Workshop Leader will assist the students’ work, arranging the final presentation together with the Assistant and the participants.
The Workshop Leader, Assistant and participants are responsible for the cleaning of the room on the last day of Porto Academy.
Each participant is responsible for taking good care of the building, the room, and furniture. Any damage caused will be at the participant’s responsibility.
Any class, activity or expenses regarding the studio work made outside the Faculty campus are not of responsibility of Porto Academy.

Studio selection is made after registration and confirmation of payment. Participants will be assigned a studio, accordingly to their preferences. Please note that registration is only confirmed after payment is complete.

The participant will fulfill a registration form with the name of the workshop leaders and select the studios by order of preference. The first option will be considered unless the number of participants exceeds the vacancies of each studio. When this happens, a sortition will be made so participants will be placed on their second option, third option, etc. In the end, all the classes should have the same number of students.

During ‘Check in’, studio distribution is announced. Porto Academy participants are only allowed to change if they find a direct switch with another participant.
Participants should bring their own laptop computers. Please ensure that all your own equipment is covered by your insurance.
Porto Academy will not display or offer any material for model making; only cutters and rulers will be available but limited to the existent stock.
Booklets should be in A5 format and include teacher name, assistant’s name, participants’ name; small text explaining the aim of the studio work and small text with Porto Academy presentation.
The design and content of the booklet is from the entire responsibility of the teacher, assistant and participants.
Porto Academy has the copyrights for any publication regarding Porto Academy courses including the booklets.
Lectures will be held in Fernando Távora auditorium at FAUP, the same building where the workshops will happen.
Participants and Guests are advised to be on time in the auditorium. Between lectures a small coffee break time is held. Porto Academy advises not to eat inside the auditorium.
The lectures as well as the workshops are held in English so everybody can understand as we always have participants from more than 50 different countries.